How to Banish Discord and Build Harmonious Business Relationships

Faith Driven Business Leadership Expert Dr. Ron Jenson reports from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow! How in tune are your relationships – with your family, colleagues, clients, others? Well, most of us struggle with that. My wife, Mary, and I spent an incredible evening at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow hosted by a client who […]

Have you ever struggled to feel God’s love? [Easter Reflection]

Written by Christy Bower. Followed by a message from Faith Driven Business CEO Steve Hoeft. I went for a long time, years really, where I couldn’t perceive God’s love for me…. If you have ever wondered, as I have, if God loves you, you know that His love can seem distant and impersonal. We know […]

Does Your Security Depend on Your Faith or Finances?

Are you rich no matter what your bank account says? Or does your comfort level rise and fall with the level of your emergency fund? I saw a very well-known financial guru (who shall remain nameless) recently on a show they were hosting. As I listened carefully, I heard that person declare, “Money is our […]