The Only Way To Be a Working Woman

I have many titles: mom, wife, volunteer, daughter, sister, aunt … friend. Maybe your titles are slightly different (maybe you’re not married, or you’re recently divorced, or perhaps you don’t have kids). But because you are a working woman, we have something in common. It doesn’t even matter what it is exactly that you do, […]

How to Purposefully Rest from Your Work

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” -Mark 6:31 Rest is not typical advice you would hear from a “get-it-done,” on-mission person … but Jesus modeled resting and commanded His disciples to do the same. He knew the importance of rest, of quiet space for the soul, and how […]

How Christian Business Goedeker’s Went Digital and Thrived Through the Recession

Today we’re featuring a story about a Christian business that took a risk during the recession and saw it pay off big. Please welcome Sarah Marchant from Goedeker’s, an appliance retailer based in St. Louis.   Goedeker’s is one of the largest online appliance retailers in the nation, but this wasn’t always the case. From […]