Why You Need to Share Your Story on Social Media

Too often I discount the beauty of my personal story. I have a sinking suspicion that you do as well. A few weeks ago, I tweeted out this picture with the caption, Playing with one of my best friends. #blesseddad. There was no sales pitch or something to gain, just my son and me. I […]

[VIDEO] How Michael W. Smith Turned From Drugs to God

“I knew where I belonged. I just couldn’t get out of the mess that I was in.” -Christian music artist Michael W. Smith After graduating from high school, Michael W. Smith moved to Nashville to start his songwriting career and found himself in a dark place. He experimented with drugs and had a near-death experience. […]

1 Thing You Can’t Start a Business Without

I took initiative. I started building something that I believe will be great. It was pretty simple really; I just went out and did it. That’s not to say I didn’t prepare, that I didn’t get better. Or that I didn’t clear things with my wife. (I’m slightly crazy, but not stupid!) Still, I took […]